Symphonic Passion 2014

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Project Status

Project completed November 2014

About Project

Reginald Espiritu asked me to re-design Symphonic Passion's logo and website. We started with a few logo designs and came up with a more corporate and minimalist looking logo.

See my previous work on Symphonic Passion 2011.

Tools / Discipline

  • Photoshop
  • Logo Redesign
  • Branding
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

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SP 2014 Logo Design

So I started creating 3 design studies for the new logo of Symphonic Passion. I personally like the second logo (The Conductor).

And then tried creating another design study. I was trying to make the emblem look like a flame with the play of the letters "S" and "P".

The client asked me to do another design study and he liked it. The client also instructed me to re-use the old logo's font.

I was trying hard to create an emblem similar to Swisscom so I told the client if I could work from scratch again. After several days of research and sketching, I have decided to make a minimalist emblem and use a sans serif wordmark.

I wanted to create an emblem that is so easy to recognize and easy to draw. The emblem is so simple, "it can be drawn in sand with fingers".

The emblem is a capital letter "P" for Passion combined by the two shapes: "the red arch" that represents the orchestra; and "the yellow/orange circle" that represents the community of talented artists.

SP 2014 Website

The website we made for Symphonic Passion is also simple and straight forward. We just put in all the concert details, how to support the concert, etc.

You may visit the official website of Symphonic Passion. Click here

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