Maybelline 2015

Work Length

April 2015 - September 2015

About Project

  • Managed staging and production
  • Coordinated with Brand Marketing, production, and suppliers
  • Designed and developed the ff:
    1. monthly planograms for different permutations
    2. 3d design for new and exisiting kiosks and stores
    3. 3d models for tactical bins, floor stands, etc.
    4. 2x2 to 10x15 meter animations
    5. materials which include POS & other below-the-line advertising medium

Visual Merchandiser: Mizel delos Santos
Graphic Artist: Grace Urbano
Production: Abbey Bambao

Tools / Discipline

  • Photoshop
  • Google Sketcup (3D)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Animation / Activation

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It's my first time to be part of this industry. Working in L'Oreal Philippines Inc. took me some time to understand the business, processes, etc. and learn how to use Google Sketchup for 3D models and designs. I had to leave the company due the demands of my own business.

I have worked with Grace Urbano (in-house Graphic Artist) and Avery Bambao (Production Manager). I was also been guided by Lisa Salvador-Bringas, Kristina So, Rowell Molina, Paulo Balleser, and Eandra Po.

Below are some of my projects in L'Oreal Philippines Inc.

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