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JOBCENTRAL.COM.PH is a job site launched in February 2014 founded by Arnie Alejandro, creator of JobCentral's framework called MVC Lite and its Application Management System. Arnie formed his team of developers and and co-founders Mizel delos Santos, Richmond Faustino, Roneil Clerifo, and his brother Arvin Alejandro.

I was in-charge of creating the company's official logo and web design UI/UX for each page.

Project Lead & Back-end: Arnie Alejandro
Designer & Front-end: Mizel delos Santos
Back-end: Arvin Alejandro
Admin & Quality Assurance:
Richmond Faustino, Roneil Clerigo

Tools / Discipline

  • Photoshop
  • Vector
  • Wacom / Bamboo

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It took me weeks to get a good and effective logo for JobCentral. The team wanted to have a logo that has a #5 element and it should be colorful. I also wanted to add the element of letters "J" and "C". Here are some of my sketches and studies:

And then I thought of palying JC to form an infinity.

The team liked the colors and the idea of playing the letters "JC". But to them, infinity is too common. They also wanted to have a simpler approach to the logo's emblem. So I went back to my sketchpad and came up with this:

For me, a circle (as the emblem's base) can serve as an infinity. As long as the letters JC are there, it's fine with me.

They already want me to stick to this concept but make it less pointed.

For the wordmark, they want to use a wordmark that looks a bit techy. And then we decided to put the website's URL in the logo for easy recognition.


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