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2004 - 2010

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Here is a collection of some of my oldest works!

Tools / Discipline

  • Photoshop
  • Computer Mouse
  • Wacom
  • Vector
  • People

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This is the first artwork I did in Photoshop (version 7) back when I was in high school. I remember when I was so amazed by Photoshop's brush tool, opacity, layers, move tool, etc.

If you ever wonder why the outline is not aligned with the filled/colored body, that is because I don't know how to put it back. LOL

This was made by 100% brushes only. No pen tool, gradient, etc.

When I learned how to use the pen tool in Photoshop, I wanted to combine that technique with the classic brush tool. I also learned how to maximize the use of layers here.

This is the first vector art of myself. I did this when I was already in college.

My younger sister saw my vector art and she wanted to have hers as well.

This was a request from my college friend. I learned here how to use layer effects.

Here's one of my plates in Freehand subject in college.

This is a rushed work for my exhibit. The professor required us to include printed works so here's my first piece.

I was out of ideas because of the tight deadline. This is just a random artwork and the professor approved it. LOL

Here's another drawing using just the computer mouse.

Thanks for watching. :)